About Mediaview

MediaView Features and Functionality

MediaView is a sophisticated online delivery platform hosted in the Cloud for all your rich media delivery needs - Webconferences, Live webcasts, On-demand Videos, Audios, Images and Documents.

Control who can see your live and on demand content with Ecast’s secure login protected website solution. MediaView can allow open Public access to selected content without requiring a login while ensuring that secure content is available only to authorised users.

MediaView is set-up for your organisation’s specific requirements. The User Interface is customised showing logo, specified webpage layouts and colours for all page elements. MediaView can be delivered as a stand-alone solution or be integrated into an existing website. MediaView can API into your existing databases and ecommerce tools.


  • MediaView can be managed directly by your staff.
  • Users can be set up individually or by groups.
  • Logins are issued to users by email.
  • Access levels can be set and changed.
  • Upload video is automatically transcoded.
  • Streaming videos are in MP4 HLS HTML5, viewable on PC’s, iOS and Android devices using standard browsers.
  • Metadata can be created and edited.
  • A powerful Search Tool makes finding content easy.
  • Authorised users can create favourites, Tags and Comments.
  • Download, Clipping and Embed options can be assigned to users.
  • Related Materials can be uploaded.
  • Collaborate and share resources in main section and within groups.
  • Content can be deployed with unique “publishable” web pages.
  • Reporting tools provide detailed analytics of user activity statistics.

User levels:

  • Super Administration for User permissions. Custom access levels can be set and changed for individuals/groups.
  • Instructors (class resource upload, video annotation and quiz management)
  • Standard Users (View, interact and participate)
  • Groups can be set up with permissions to access areas and training sections of the site only available to those registered and enrolled for those courses or training activities.
  • Open Public access

Optional Services

MediaCapture - Webcast a live event from any venue to many viewers. Ideal for conferences, these events can be streamed live in HQ and can be captured and uploaded for on-demand viewing following completion of the Live event. Text interaction for unlimited users via secure or open webpage can be enabled. The Live player can be paused and rewound during a stream. Ecast production teams are available. Satellite and IP stream services can on-stream and capture any event.

Webconferencing - MediaView’s integrated FaceMe Web-conferencing/Webinar module allows people to participate in live conferences, “classes” and announcements. Up to12 people can participate with full HQ video, share and upload content in the conference mode. Reach up to 100 people with the Webinar mode. FaceMe can be built into any MediaView service, providing a powerful mechanism for production and delivery of content

Video Annotation – EVA integrated into MediaView transforms video-based learning with interactive content and tools that engage viewers, deepen understanding, and track progress. Use EVA to quickly add images, text, and questions to existing online videos. With EVA’s Analytics, instructors get immediate feedback on how viewers interact with content and understand key concepts.

MediaVault - An optional archive system storing HD or Full Resolution Masters of video files. These large file videos can then be ordered for Downloading.

MediaView is a New Zealand developed service. All MediaView content is hosted within territorial New Zealand, with dedicated bandwidth into the domestic and international Internet. e-cast’s Origin Content Delivery Network is located at ORCON (Northcote). Broadcast, Satellite & IP Capture, Live Streaming and Backup Storage servers are located at ICONZ (Auckland CBD).